The Doctor

Saw this on Pinterest :
and thought I would dress it up a bit:

I have had the urge to do Doctor Who crafts lately…

UPDATE:  due to requests this is now updated and available on deviantart as a poster print! This is the first time I have ever done this so I hope it turns out well!

Here it is:


13 thoughts on “The Doctor

  1. Wow, I’m glad you like it! This is my first go at poster-ish things. I’ll look into prints if you are interested, I must do my part to spread the Who. 😀

  2. Deer, this is all over Facebook at the moment! Please put claim to it as yours asap. I would hate for someone else to get credit. And an idea- you could do different ones with a different Doctor leaning on the Tardis…. And some of my mates have been concerned that there’s not a hyphen put into the Allons-y! Critics, huh?

    But, I was feeling very ill yesterday and this poster and its idea/dream kept my spirits up! Tremendous!!!!!

  3. Okay! So it took me forever but I finally updated this and it is available to get prints @ deviantart

    They are also having a 20% sale this weekend because of black friday so I guess I have good timing.

    Thank you everyone for your great comments and if you purchase the print I hope you like it!


  4. Hurrah Sam!!! I just ordered 3 prints!!! I am so excited as two will be Christmas presents and one will be mine, mine, all mine!!

    Thanks so much from England. You are a star!


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