The Doctor

Saw this on Pinterest :
and thought I would dress it up a bit:

I have had the urge to do Doctor Who crafts lately…

UPDATE:  due to requests this is now updated and available on deviantart as a poster print! This is the first time I have ever done this so I hope it turns out well!

Here it is:


Blog Reborn!

Imagine my blog bursting through the surface of the sea, gasping for air and spewing salt water.
Floating towards an island, clinging to some driftwood, my blog thinks of all the possibilities of the future, a life renewed, released from it’s watery prison of neglect.
It launches itself upon the pristine sands of the island’s shore and, rolling over to face the radiant sunlight, embraces it’s second birth.

10 points for being overly dramatic

Well here it is! I’ve decided to start blogging again. I’m not sure why I stopped in the first place. Last time I posted, I had pink hair and was on wordpress. Now I have dark hair again (with blueish undertones!) and I have migrated to blogger. (All of my old posts are here too)

I hope to be blogging a lot more regularly because I have decided that:
1. I have too much clutter
2. That clutter is mostly crafting supplies
3. I must therefore use up all of those crafting supplies
4. And document the craftyness upon the interwebs.

I hope to open an etsy shop eventually too! (Sell things I make with my old crafting supplies to afford to indulge myself in new craft supplies. It’s a cycle.)

Here’s a sneek peek of the projects I’m working on:

My disastrous workspace

Pyrite, studs and feathers!

Extraneous Mexican Sweet Bread Photo

So onward, into blogging success I march! Join me, gentle reader, on a blogventure for the ages!

❤ Sam

Light Me Up, Up, and Away.

Yesterday I posted about Lucia Holm’s photography and made the remark that I wanted an illuminated umbrella like the one in this picture.

Try as I might to restrain the yearning, I am intrigued by the idea.
But Sam, I tell myself, not only does San Diego get less than 12 inches of rain a year, but we are in a DROUGHT! You couldn’t even justify getting yourself some wellies during the week that it DID rain!
Well self, just shuddup.

Sockmaster from Instructables has a great tutorial for an LED umbrella.

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I resisted the Lady Gaga phenomenon so well.
I really did.
I considered her just a kooky pop singer with a few interesting costuming tricks up her sleeve. I contently went about my way, minding my own business, while friends and family rabidly chanted her lyrics while fashioning their hair into intricate bow shapes.
I was Gaga indifferent, I suppose you might say. I was neither a lover nor a hater, a rarity in the world of Gaga, because her lovers REALLY love her, and her haters REALLY hate her.

That was then.

I had the incredible misfortune to be shown the video for “Telephone” at work last week, and it has changed my life.

Okay, maybe I can be a bit overdramatic at times.
But if you haven’t already, go take a look at the plethora of great (and often crazy) outfits, awesome makeup, all with a delicious neo-retro feel. (Warning: Video contains lots of semi-nudity, chick-fights, sandwich-making, breakfast poisonings and unbleeped words, if that is not your kind of thing. It is also dang catchy, and I am not responsible for any earworms you may catch.)

There is just so much great material to talk about, I can’t do it all.
Here’s one of my favorite Lady Gaga looks:

But aside from her (approximately) 10 different outfits I could describe, the one that really changed my life… *dramatic swoon*
was on Beyonce:

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